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"   Very little grows on jagged rock.
Be ground. Be crumbled,
so wild flowers will come up wherever you are.  "

I am a Dutch professional with life- and work experiences all around the world. As a passionate and ambitious individual I have been pursuing my dreams and goals in economic hotspots around the globe, as New York, Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong.
My participation in the world of banking and consultancy has always increased my involvement in a broadscope of industries.

Because of my entrepreneurial spirit I have always been fascinated and interested in the latest trends in the start-up seen. Personally I am a big fan of organizations and entrepreneurs that strive for a more sustainable world and create positive societal impact in world.

So far, I have been blessed with a great career, experiences and progress around the world. What the future has planned for me is a mystery, but one thing is for sure, as a 'banker', 'consultant', 'entrepreneur' or as a 'global citizen' I will always strive to help others and create a better world.

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"   We carry inside us,
the wonders we seek outside us  "

Investment Banking

Global Relations

Strategy and Planning

Business Development


Public Speaking

Innovation and Trends

Mentoring & Influencing

Healthy Lifestyle

Societal Impact

Impact Investment

Socializing & Networking

Global Sustainability

Community Building



"   Let the beauty of what you love
be what you do  "

Founder / President

Rosewater Holdings Ltd.

2019 - Present

Rosewater is a Hong Kong based firm that provides advisory on impact investment and smart city project development, with the objective to support sustainable and societal impact projects between Asia and Africa.
(Asia - Africa)

Co-Founder / CSO

International Data Centers

2019 -  2019

International Data Centers is a start-up project  establishing new data centers in the US. I have been coordinating with US state government, engineers, data center specialists, local communities and energy specialists to get the first project on the ground.
(Hong Kong)

Vice President

Resolute Fund

2018 - 2019

Resolute Fund is an investment firm based in New York, that specializes in real estate investment in the digital age. I have been responsible for Asian Strategies and creating new alliances.
(Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul)


Resolution Capital Management

2017 - 2019

Resolution Capital Management is an investment firm in New York that specializes in distressed asset- and real estate investments.
I have been mainly responsible for growing the business and investor relations.
(New York, Seoul, Singapore, Shanghai, HK)

Founding Member

Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry

2018 - 2019

Singapore Chamber of Commerce subsidiary - manages a platform that brings businesses together, where they can exchange valuable business insights, aggregate their strengths and enjoy joint synergies.
(Volunteer, Singapore)


Loyal Dutch Advisors LLC

2018 - 2019

My own independent advisory firm to provide cross-border advisory services in various of industries, like in Media, Theatre, Real Estate and Consumer goods.
(New York, Asia)



2015 - 2017

IBP is a New York based consultancy firm that provides cross-border services between the US and China. As an Analyst for IBP I was mainly busy in the Real Estate and Movie industries.

Market Development Analyst

China Campus Network (CNN)

2016 - 2016

China Campus Network is a consortium of 38 leading universities in China. CNN is committed to innovate and develop the Chinese Studies provided within China.

Brand Ambassador (volunteer)


2015 - 2016

NexChange is a venture innovation and media platform, specialising in Blockchain, Fintech, AI, Health-tech and Smart Cities.
I was promoting and supporting the ‘Nexchange’ idea on a voluntary basis in New York.

Associate (intern)

New York Business Consultants


Headquarted in Manhattan, New York Business Consultants LLC connects customers, distributors, investors and partners.
As a 3-month intern, I learned the basics of business consultancy and the power of networking.


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